Karen's Music

Karen was a music lover, dancer, and aspiring drummer. Her amazing sense of rhythm never quite translated to a drum kit, but it certainly did on the dance floor - and every flat surface was a dance floor to her.
Music was an important part of her life, and there were a few albums she loved. Two, by Lavern Baker, were in constant rotation in the house and car. When she needed a pick up, she invariably turned to Bette Midler Sings The Rosemary Clooney Songbook, and played (and replayed) A Slow Boat To China. During Christmas she had Christmas music playing around the clock. Her favorite song, however, was Amazing Grace. Karen's favorite albums are here for your listening pleasure. Hearing the music she loved will give a glimpse into what she enjoyed musically - and music was a necessity for Karen.
Lavern Baker Live in '91
Tweedlee Dee
Tomorrow Night
See See Rider
Play It Fair
Jim Dandy
Saint Louis Blues
What a Difference a Day Made
Live chatter
Sugar Daddy
Slow rolling Mama
Real Gone Guy
That's My Desire
Tennessee Waltz
I Cried a Tear
Bumble Bee
Shake a Hand
Saved (I will always associate this with Karen)

She developed a great appreciation for jazz and blues, although her musical tastes were certainly not limited to those.

After watching countless drum videos of legendary jazz drummers she picked up - probably through osmosis - a vast knowledge of styles unique to some of the greats such as Gene Krupa, Papa Jo Jones and Joe Morello. In fact, she could identify who played drums on many recordings based on their styles.

But it was Lavern Baker's music that captivated her. There was only a single style that she didn't particularly care for (but put up with): Ragtime and stride piano.

Karen was a woman of exquisite taste in art, music, food and other delights, so knowing the music that moved her gives us insights into this wonderful human being.

Lavern Baker Woke Up This Morning
My Desire
You've Got a friend
Body and Soul
Woke Up This Morning
Misty Blue
Knock on Wood
Trouble In Mind
To Love Somebody
Why Don't You Do Right
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
Rock Me Baby
You Don't Miss Your Water
Can't Turn You Loose
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
Tennessee Waltz